Thursday, February 25, 2010


After watching the snow fall last night (about a foot), I woke up this morning determined to help my family shovel out. I got up brightly at 7am and started shoveling. Man, that snow was heavy. After about 30 minutes, I had a nice path cut out so all cars including mine could easily get out. Then, I tried to stand up. PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!. A heating pad was put on my back as i stumbled into the house. About 1 hour later I was in serious pain still. Stupidly, I drove myself to the hospital, don't worry, i made mom drive back.....yeh. When I got to the ER, luckily my Doctor's RN was there, so He knows me very well. I was glad to see him there. After X-Rays told me about a sever muscle pull and spasms in my back, and some swelling of my legs due to retention of water I was told to not go to work for 3 days (notice provided to my job in the form of a signed letter from the doctor), I was also given 4 different medications to take over the next few weeks to "fix" me up. First A diuretic and Potassium Pill titled Klor-Con and Bumetanide to help flush me out of my excess fluids and the nutrients to replace what I would "piss out" of me. THen luckily a 10 day supply of Skelaxin which is a muscle relaxer to take the Spaz out of my back spasms was prescribed. Shortly after I was talking to the doctor he continued to note the grimace of pain on my face from the slightest movement, he added a few days worth of Oxycodone to assist in the process.

This stuff causes me to sleep hard.....I will update you guys tomarrow. Good Night.....

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