Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Injury/Medical Issues Part 1

Ambien - First off, I am NEVER taking that stuff again. I got up out of a dead sleep ate a huge amount of food, then began to get into my truck and act as i am driving away. Thank goodness I woke up before i hit the ignition........That stuff is EVIL Sauce.

My Back - My back is feeling a bit better. NO more oxycodone or Muscle Relaxer, and I am ok with that. I need to free my brain clouds and get with the program of a normal nights sleep, not a messed up sleep involving slurred phone calls etc...

ER Visit #2 - So today I found myself back in the ER with a Serious Migraine Headache (Motrin 600) actually kicked that baby so i am good there. Then the continuation of my leg issue. Swelling and puffing along my ankles, legs, knees all the way up to my hip bone and down to my toes. Gout attacks ruin my once soft feet, now they are old and cracked , that of a statue falling to the weather. My nerves hurt, i cannot sit long, stand long or lay down long, i am up and down, up and down. I take 2 water pills, and potassium, so I piss 6 times a day, try sleeping then, try it try it. Now after some blood work showing high sugar and lower potassium, the potential for being a diabetic is in the air, and I am not happys. Scared i am not either, but I am not happy. PS 3 more days out of work, my bank account hates me, it is drained.....

Morning PLan - Seeing the Local doctor right in the morning to go over what medicine i need and what may be hindering me. Blood work again fasting (no food for 12 hours) to check for sugar which was high before and to do a few other checks on other things. I am falling apart my this mango..............

Long Update - A Bit about me on TCC

Hello Friends,

My Buddy wax wombat and Myself belong to Here is a short rant that I posted there which I will now post here. Enjoy the ride and eat a mango..........


Part One - My Re-introduction to you guys here on Tcc. Yes my friends it has been almost 3 years since I have been a member here on TCC. YOu all remember (some of you anyway) that I started off as Johnny Mofo. Some felt that to be a bad name so a new mango was born - Johnny Number 5. Here i sit, closing on 800 Transactions and 20,000 Posts, and loving this community every day. At times there are challenges that make me not even want to collect, but , overall, it is worth it. Fact #1 - Trading Sports cards has helped me kick my addiction to Alcohol for quite a few years now. I am proud of this. Fact #2 - ALl my bkb is for sale, so come buy some. I collect Current Roster and Current Roster Saints. I am good on trade bait, unless i get into one of those moods. Take Care
Part Two - My Job I work at a Job Corps facility in Upstate NY and my main goal is to "Model, Mentor and Monitor" the students. They are from all walks of life, NYC, Upstate, Jersey, small suburban towns, men, women, children from ages 16-26, I am there to help them. My title is Residential Advisor, and honestly, I love my job. It is funny how we teach these people how to make more than us when they graduate though, but cap and gown day, or award assemblies, trophy days, they make me proud. A student showing me a Tabe Gain, GED Certificate, or trade completion cannot compare to any amount of cash in the world. This job also comes with stress, violent behaviors ,cursing, vulgarity, or perhaps a little swing or two at times. I get stressed out, I get mad, I am human. THe drive home gets faster and faster depending on how my day went. O well, More later J5

Thursday, February 25, 2010


After watching the snow fall last night (about a foot), I woke up this morning determined to help my family shovel out. I got up brightly at 7am and started shoveling. Man, that snow was heavy. After about 30 minutes, I had a nice path cut out so all cars including mine could easily get out. Then, I tried to stand up. PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!. A heating pad was put on my back as i stumbled into the house. About 1 hour later I was in serious pain still. Stupidly, I drove myself to the hospital, don't worry, i made mom drive back.....yeh. When I got to the ER, luckily my Doctor's RN was there, so He knows me very well. I was glad to see him there. After X-Rays told me about a sever muscle pull and spasms in my back, and some swelling of my legs due to retention of water I was told to not go to work for 3 days (notice provided to my job in the form of a signed letter from the doctor), I was also given 4 different medications to take over the next few weeks to "fix" me up. First A diuretic and Potassium Pill titled Klor-Con and Bumetanide to help flush me out of my excess fluids and the nutrients to replace what I would "piss out" of me. THen luckily a 10 day supply of Skelaxin which is a muscle relaxer to take the Spaz out of my back spasms was prescribed. Shortly after I was talking to the doctor he continued to note the grimace of pain on my face from the slightest movement, he added a few days worth of Oxycodone to assist in the process.

This stuff causes me to sleep hard.....I will update you guys tomarrow. Good Night.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Football Trade Bait!!!

Selling all of my Football Trade bait. Focusing on 2009 UD Black Base, New Orleans Saints and BASEBALL Set Building Baby!!!!!

Looking to Sell this lot as a whole - Paypal / Money order!!!

Book Values are next to item, not sale cost. Looking for a FAIR offer on the lot, I am not interested in breaking this up. Let me know. Shipping with Priority and DC included

2009 PLayoff Contenders - Everette Brown - $20
2009 Limited - Rashad Jennings - Phenoms AUto $20
2009 SP Threads - Javon RInger Letter Auto E - $20
2009 SP Threads - Andre Smith Letter AUto S - $20
2009 SP THreads - Brandon Tate Letter AUto E - $25
2009 Sterling - Shonn Green RC GU #/749 $20
2009 LCM - Brian Robiske JUmbo RC GU #/50 - $15
2009 LCM - Percy Harvin Jumbo RC GU #/100 - $25
2009 Finest - Mohamed Massaquoi GU/Auto #/399 $20
2009 Press Pass Legends - Darrious Heyward Bey #/199 $20
2008 UD SPA - Jordy Nelso Helmet/auto - #/150 - $30
2008 Topps Chrome - Devin THomas Auto - $15
2008 Press Pass Legends - Malcolm Kelly Auto - $15
2008 Playoff Contenders - Derrick Harvey AUto - $20
2008 Press Pass GG - Tashard Choice Auto - $20
2008 Topps Autographs - Allen Patrick - $12
2008 Bowman Sterling - Malcolm Kelly Gu/auto - $20
2008 Press Pass GG - Allen Patrick "Showtime" Auto - $20
2008 Donruss Classics - Allen Patrick Auto - #/499 - $12
2008 SPX - Matt Forte - Auto/Triple GU Rc #/599 - $60
2008 Bowman Sterling - GU/Auto Refractor #/235 - $60
2007 Playoff COntenders - Auto - Ben Patrick - $15
2007 FInest - Yamon Figures Auto - $12
2007 Playoff Contenders - Auto - Yamon Figures - $15
2007 Playoff Contenders - Auto - Brandon Meriweather - $15
2007 Press Pass - AUto - Dan Connor - $15
2007 Topps Chrome - Isiaha Stanback Auto - $12
2005 UD REflections - Carlos Rogers RC AUTo #/575 - $20

2006-2009 Sage Hit AUto Lot X 46 Cards - $300 BV
2007-2009 Ultimate/Mayo/SP Gu X23 Cards - $150 BV
2005-2009 LCM/Certified/UD/DPP/Topps GU X $120 BV

Short Print Rookies Included

2009 Upper Deck - Percy Harvin - $25
2009 Topps Chrome - Shonn Green - X Fractor - $15
2009 Topps Chrome - Mike Crabtree - $10
2009 Score Hot Rookies - Shonn Green Artists Proof #/32 - $25
2008 Topps Chrome - Jon Stewart Blue Refractor - $20
2008 Donruss Classics - Jon Stewart #/999 - $15
2008 Donruss Classics - Matt Ryan #/999 - $25
2008 Playoff Prestige - Matt Flynn - $40
2008 Playoff Prestige - Dan Connor - $30
2008 Playoff Prestige - Chris Long - $30
2008 Playoff Prestige - Harry Douglas - $20

Incoming Items - -

2006 Sage Hit - Joseph Addai Auto - $30
2006 Sage Hit - Lendele White Auto - $50

Adding Random Bonus Cards my Friends!

Approximate Total Book Value - $1,600 WWO - Take my Trade bait, ITs baseball Season!

HIt me up via PM with all Offers, Worse comes to worse, i can say no, or hit back with a return offer. NO lowballs Please. And do not quote me ebay prices, I dont care :

I cant sleep


I think i need a new level of Ambien!. Its 6am and I cannot sleep at all. I feel tired, I got in bed, did some texting, but im awake up doing the blog thing. FYI, i feel like talking about cards right now, so here we go. I am looking for the following right now.....set wise...

1. Any YEar Allen and Ginter Special Mini - CUrrent Project is 2008. UPdate Coming
2. Any CUrrent 2010 Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saint - DUH!!!!
3. Baseball - NY MEts Please...Old mets, current mets, future mets, etc (Autos, Patches, Combos)
4. 2009 UD Black Base Set - Flag Cards #/250. I currently have 14 out of 90. Help me out!!!!!!!
5. Baseball Trade Bait - $20 autos and patches of better Players please.

Sets I will be working on After March 1.
1.2010 TOpps Heritage Baseball - Just this For now.

Future Projects
1.Finish 2006,2007, 2008,2009, and 2010 (when it comes out) Allen and Ginter Minis!

Recent Completions
1. 2009 Topps Finest Rookie Letter Patches - Jonathan Niese (Niese COmplete)

Ill be back mangos, blhaaaaaaaa
PS. The wombat is my friend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Took the ambien aka Zoldipem about 20 minutes ago....Starting to feel tired...yay! Checked on the snow...its starting to dust....I am sure half my co-workers wont come in, but its ok. I live close and have 4 wheel Drive. Wish me luck, I think its bed time.......


Here is a quick One. I thank my buddy the Wax Wombat aka Andrew. He is an avid blogger, and has inspired me to get my mind going. This blog will contain everything from daily life, past experiences, sports cards, horror stories, my luck and current lack of luck with the ladies and a tale of a mango lost in space....yeh....

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