Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long Update - A Bit about me on TCC

Hello Friends,

My Buddy wax wombat and Myself belong to Here is a short rant that I posted there which I will now post here. Enjoy the ride and eat a mango..........


Part One - My Re-introduction to you guys here on Tcc. Yes my friends it has been almost 3 years since I have been a member here on TCC. YOu all remember (some of you anyway) that I started off as Johnny Mofo. Some felt that to be a bad name so a new mango was born - Johnny Number 5. Here i sit, closing on 800 Transactions and 20,000 Posts, and loving this community every day. At times there are challenges that make me not even want to collect, but , overall, it is worth it. Fact #1 - Trading Sports cards has helped me kick my addiction to Alcohol for quite a few years now. I am proud of this. Fact #2 - ALl my bkb is for sale, so come buy some. I collect Current Roster and Current Roster Saints. I am good on trade bait, unless i get into one of those moods. Take Care
Part Two - My Job I work at a Job Corps facility in Upstate NY and my main goal is to "Model, Mentor and Monitor" the students. They are from all walks of life, NYC, Upstate, Jersey, small suburban towns, men, women, children from ages 16-26, I am there to help them. My title is Residential Advisor, and honestly, I love my job. It is funny how we teach these people how to make more than us when they graduate though, but cap and gown day, or award assemblies, trophy days, they make me proud. A student showing me a Tabe Gain, GED Certificate, or trade completion cannot compare to any amount of cash in the world. This job also comes with stress, violent behaviors ,cursing, vulgarity, or perhaps a little swing or two at times. I get stressed out, I get mad, I am human. THe drive home gets faster and faster depending on how my day went. O well, More later J5

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